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Sodom Epitome Of Torture

Epitome of Torture is the fourteenth album by the German thrash metal band Sodom. The album debuted on the Billboard Heatseakers Chart at 25, their highest Billboard Debut ever

The song "Katjuscha" contains melody from song "Katyusha", a World War II Soviet Russian folk song originally composed by Matvei Blanter in 1938.[5] A music video was made for the song "Stigmatized.

Sodom is one of the (if not the) most consistent thrash bands on Earth. That's something that's impossible to argue with, since they never abolished thrash metal, they never started playing some fake, stupid shit in order to become popular. They are an honest, true, straight up thrash metal band, from beginning to end. Obviously, was a moment or two that was weaker throughout their discography, but combining the quality and the number of the albums they gave this world, this band's performance is one of the best performances ever. This album came out in 2013, meaning that 32 years after the establishment of Sodom. Keeping that in mind, this album deserves a big amount of deep, silent, honest respect. Epitome Of Torture has a good amount of highlights, and it's one of the best thrash metal releases after the year 2010. Sodom decided to write fast, old-school structured songs again, and man, that was a really good idea. They do not sound like they've been doing this for decades, they sound full of enthusiasm, like they are just getting started. "Katjuscha" really stands out of the record with the creative riffs, and many riffs I might add, it doesn't get boring at all. "Into The Skies Of War" is a typical war anthem that can be found on almost every Sodom record, but this one is really on point with the melodic main riff and the catchy chorus. The title song is very satisfying as well, it meets the expectations in terms of creativity that we can have for a band that has been thrashing for 35 years.

Sodom Band Albums As The Best Ever!

This isn't the first album of the Bernemann-Makka-Angelripper lineup. This lineup was one of the best of its time period, they could keep up the aggression and tightness of thrash metal most of the time. Sure, there were some more mid-paced moments of theirs throughout their career, but they didn't entirely slow down and give up. This album is the ultimate comeback of their oldschool self, and the oldschool self of thrash metal as well. Insane, distorted, fast solos and creative riffs, provided by Bernemann, aggressive, deep vocals by Angelripper, and fast, fill-filled drumming by Makka. The classic Sodom sounding is definitely present, and in that way, this album really isn't something new. There isn't anything to complain about the musicianship. All three musicians are giving everything they can to make this an enjoyable album from beginning to end, and they did succeed at doing that.

  • 1. My Final Bullet 04:40
  • 2. S.O.D.O.M. 03:46
  • 3. Epitome Of Torture 03:31
  • 4. Stigmatized 02:56
  • 5. Cannibal 04:19
  • 6. Shoot Today Kill Tomorrow 04:01
  • 7. Invocating The Demons 04:25
  • 8. Katjuscha 03:43
  • 9. Into The Skies Of War 03:51
  • 10. Tracing The Victim 04:46

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Sodom Epitome Of Torture On CD (English Version)

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